Summer Fun in Laramie: Downtown Attractions

In this installment of summer in Laramie we’re going to further encourage you to get out of your apartment, dark room, box, (what have you) off that couch and into the sun and fun of Laramie, Wyoming! Today we’ll tour Downtown Laramie, it’s one of those places that has more history in the building walls then most any other place and those walls are not afraid to tell you a story if you wait long enough to hear all of it. Downtown Laramie has roots dating back to 1868 with the completion of the Union-Pacific Railroad and the visionary of men like Edward Ivinson and Henry Wagner. Today Downtown Laramie is a place for great mom and pop restaurants, quaint shopping, sightseeing and just enjoying your surroundings on a stroll.

During the four plus years I have been in Laramie I have spent many days; winter and summer alike, walking around downtown Laramie enjoying the sights and sounds the historical area has to offer. Did you know that the first horseless carriage, or automobile, in Wyoming was built by Laramie’s own mechanical genius Elmer Lovejoy? Yep that’s right, and now he has a great restaurant named after him just a few blocks south of his famous shop, Novelty Works. If you are interested in a walking tour of the downtown area, check out thisbrochure for a self-guided tour of the downtown Laramie area. As you are enjoying the walking tour of Downtown be sure to stop in some of the local shops to find any type of local treasure. For a full list of shopping and business offerings clickhere.

Now that you are more familiar with the downtown area; how about some summer-time fun? Yeah we are talking about the farmers market, Jubilee Days, Downtown Brewfest, the Gem City Car Classic and so many more fun events. To start the downtown farmers market will be every Friday starting in July from 3-7 p.m. The downtown area along 2nd street is blocked off from vehicle traffic and you can find everything from fresh produce to homemade soaps. Next up is the Laramie JubileeDays, which begins the first week of July, July 2nd – 10th. Laramie Jubilee Days started as a way to celebrate Wyoming Statehood day, July 10th and has grown into a full-fledged downtown weeklong event. For a list of events clickhere or check out Jubilee Days onFacebook. Next up is the Downtown Brewfest, and well not much more needs to be said. This event in late July is a way for all you over 21’ers to enjoy all the home brewed beverages that Laramie has to offer.

My final Downtown Laramie summer event would be the Gem City Car Classic happening August 27. This fun event is similar to many other car shows in other cities but the downtown area embraces the history and acts the part by bringing the past to the present. Sure to be a fun time for the car lover and non-car lover alike the car show is something not to miss.

Well there you have it, Downtown Laramie and all the history and fun you could want. Not to mention the great food and shopping you will encounter as you wander around the area. Just think, at one point in time that same road you are walking down was filled with horse drawn carriages and the bustle of one of the most active rail yards in the country. So go out and enjoy what the Downtown area has to offer. And remember sometimes the walls can talk, until next time don’t forget to talk back, it would be rude not to.

For more information about Downtown Laramie visittheLaramieMainStreet website.


Branden Hayes Senior at UW - Energy Resource Science. From Pueblo, CO


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