Summer Fun in Laramie, Part 2 – GOLF (Not just the Club and Ball Kind)

Get out this summer! Enjoy some Disk Golf Here in Laramie

Now, that we’ve heard some grumbles out there about part 1 to spending summer in Laramie, we’re moving on! Here’s something for all of you that want more fun stuff to do in and around Laramie that do not involve a classroom the next installments of how to have a great summer.

So lets get down to it, how about some golf? Laramie can offer you two types of golf, Frisbee golf and.. umm well the type with a club and a ball.

How about we start with the.. club and ball type. The Jacoby Golf Course Club House is located off Willett Drive on the east side of Laramie, by the Hospital. Jacoby Golf Course was named after the legendary University of Wyoming Athletics Director Glenn “Red” Jacoby who dedicated his life to UW from 1946-1973. The golf course offers a challenge that not many other courses in the nation or world can, an elevation of 7,220 feet and also offers 6,855 yards of playing green. While Jacoby is home to the UW men’s and women’s golf team it is also open to the public and offers both a Men’s and Women’s club that have several events throughout the summer. Jacoby Golf course also has a great tournament schedule that will keep even the most savvy of golfers busy all summer long. There are some fees like every golf course; there are both daily rates and yearly membership,as well as some miscellaneous fees such as renting a golf cart. UW Students can play 18 holes for $20 at the daily rate or can get a UW full time student membership for $350. Say you just want to get some anger out, maybe after that summer class, Jacoby Club House will rent you a club and a bucket of balls for about 20 bucks. This sounds like a good way to spend a sunny Laramie day. Here is a link to the Jacoby Golf Course website.

If golfing with a club and ball is not your style, Laramie can also offer Frisbee golf (AKA disc golf.) LaPrele Park located in the Spring Creek area, a few blocks south of Grand Ave on 21st Street, has the disc golf you are looking for. Called the Spring Creek Disk Golf Course, the course has a variety of challenging areas that are sure to make you think twice about each disk throw. In addition to the disk golf course LaPrele Park also has Huck Finn Pond, home to the Jackalope Jump during the winter and a playground. If you have any questions about LaPrele Park, Spring Creek Disk Golf Course or any of the other parks in Laramie the Laramie Parks & Rec web page. You can also visit Atmospheric Mountainworks or Cross Country Connection in downtown Laramie for more information and also a wide selection of disks.

Well, there you have it, golf, I know more fun than classes but not everyone is able to just enjoy the summer. So until next time, that’s how the cookie crumbles.


Branden Hayes Senior at UW - Energy Resource Science. From Pueblo, CO


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