Malware For Macs, It’s Finally Happened.

There's a good chance we might be seeing more Sad Mac's very soon.

Since the beginning of modern personal computing history, or roughly 1984, Macintosh users have proudly touted the fact that virtually no nasty viruses and other types of malware that have been written for Macintosh. That may be about to change.

The Mac has been largely ignored for the last 25 years because the Macintosh platform has traditionally been a very small part of the PC market. Recently Apple has become wildly popular and has even usurped Microsoft on quarterly profits.

Now the often rumored, mass malware for the Mac may actually be arriving. “Crimekit for MacOSX” is a new underground spyware development tool specifically designed to target the Mac OS and iOS. For more information check out:

Mac users may want to take this seriously and invest in virus protection software, as this one looks to be for real.  Mac users here at the Help Desk are investing McAfee or a similar product after reading this unnerving news.


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