Five Ways to Entertain Yourself This Summer in Laramie

Head out this summer and enjoy all Wyoming has to offer!

Branden, our resident summer expert at the Help Desk, is going to outline his top five favorite activities during summer. This is just an intro, over the next few weeks we are going to dive into each of the five in grater detail. Take it away Branden!

There is an old joke that says there are only two seasons in Laramie; wind with snow and just wind, but in all honesty being in Laramie in the “summer” is pretty great. I have spent the last 2 summers in Laramie and absolutely enjoy every minute of it. Now the weather here in the summer can be very temperamental; having 80 degree weather on Monday and snow on Tuesday is not that uncommon. But unlike the old saying, the wind is not too bad; there might be a breeze but not the 40 mph gusts every day. Now because of the great weather that Laramie offers there is a ton of things to do in and around Laramie so here is my top five.

5. Take a class. Now I know it is summer vacation and the last thing you want to do is be in a classroom, but it is never a bad idea to take one or two and get ahead in your degree. Or take a class you want to for fun. There are also some great classes offered on campus and around Laramie that have nothing to do with school, imagine that!

4. Enjoy a game of golf. Either at Jacoby Golf Course to hit around a few golf balls or at the park tossing a Frisbee around with your friends getting out on the fairway is a great way to spend a day or afternoon.

3. Go downtown. Downtown Laramie is a great place to walk around, enjoy a meal or a drink or even a tasty dessert. Plus you never know what you might find in the many shops in the area.

2. Catch a ball game. The Laramie Colts, a college league baseball team, is great evening fun and will only cost you about $4 for students to go enjoy. And if the Colts are just not enough baseball for you, take a trip down to Denver and catch the Rockies at Coors Field, or just go to one of the many sports bars around Laramie for a few drinks, great food, and the game.

1. Head to the mountains, or at least the hills. Laramie is in a prime location for hiking, biking, fishing and camping. If you head east within 10 minutes you can be hiking or biking in the Laramie Range (Happy Jack Road), in 20 minutes you can be climbing, hiking and camping at Vedauwoo and Curt Gowdy State Park. If you take off west of Laramie in about 45 minutes you will be in Medicine Bow National Forest a great place to do just about anything you want outdoors. If you want even more of an adventure you can go up to Teton and Yellowstone National Parks for an extended weekend trip or drop down into Colorado for a hike around Rocky Mountain National Park.

So what ever you prefer to do, just go out and have a good time. Laramie is a great place to be anytime, but especially in the summer!


Branden Hayes Senior at UW - Energy Resource Science. From Pueblo, CO


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