Android’s Gaining in Smartphone Sales

For those techy’s out there like us who enjoy seeing how our favorite toys are doing on the market here’s an update on Androids…

Market researcher Gartner says Android will soon have 50 percent of the smartphone market share. The phone based on Google’s OS made up nearly 23 percent of 300 million total smartphone units sold last year.

Here’s the sales breakdown for 2010:

Symbia: 37.6%

iOS: 23.7%

Android: 22.7%

BlackBerry: 16%

In 2011, nearly 470 million smartphones are predicted to ship, with Android catching nearly 39% of the total market.

Android domination, Gartner predicts, will begin in 1012, when 630 million smartphones should ship and Android is expected to capture nearly 50% of the market, easily dominating the iOS.

Are these figures set in stone? Of course not; they are only predictions but it is still impressive.

If these predictions are close to true there’s a chance Apple and Microsoft might initiate lawsuits against Google, reminiscent of the PC OS and browser legal wars of years past. This is pretty much a no-brainer considering that Steve Jobs already feels Google has breached Apple’s intellectual property, insinuating Android is a rip-off of the iOS designed to kill the iPhone.

The biggest surprise in Gartner’s predictions is that they expect the Windows Phone to command nearly 20% of the smartphone market by 2015. If so, Microsoft may not be out of the fight for the most coveted emerging market in technology.


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