Fun and Free Time Wasters – The Final Installment

This is it folks, the last installment (at least for now) of our fun, free time wasters this summer. We here at the UWIT help desk urge you to check back often this summer as we bring you the need-to-knows of news at UW, tech info and of course useful distractions for those rainy days.

An Assortment of Excellent Flash Games (Link, Link, and Link!)

Some people may say that I’m cheating with this last one, choosing 3 small things that fall under the blanket term of “flash games” – but like webcomics, there are just so many out there (and so many are really underwhelming – or some variation of Angry Birds). The problem, however, is that there isn’t one decent, reliable page to find all of the games online, like there is with webcomics. So, onto the three games I handpicked to be the best, the most accessible, and the most fun.

The first selection is Robot Unicorn Attack, from [Adult Swim]’s excellent selection of funny, offbeat, and often wildly inappropriate games. It is a brightly-colored platform filled with fairies, stars, rainbows, and…robot unicorns. Honestly, the internet seems to be positively obsessed with this game (the sheer amount of fan art for it is beyond the impossible), and it’s not hard to see why. It’s incredibly addictive, fast-paced, and subversive – despite looking like it was designed for a 4-year old girl.

The second selection is Peasant’s Quest, from Homestar Runner, they have an impressive collection of assorted games on their website. Peasant’s Quest is a fun, often hilarious, old-school adventure/puzzler featuring meatball subs at the bottom of wells, throwing babies, and beefy-armed dragons. If you’re not into adventure games, this might not be your particular cup of tea, but without any spoilers I will say that the ending is basically worth the price of admission – which did I mention is free? Just play it, already!

The final game is Motherload, from Xgen games. The formula for the game – dig into the earth, get gems and ore, return to the surface to sell them in exchange for upgrades to your mining vehicle – is remarkably addictive, and Minecraft taught us that a game about digging can be wonderful fun from time to time, right? Featuring dramatic cave-ins, pockets of lava, dynamite aplenty, and a hilariously awesome showdown against…well, I’ll let you find out for yourself, Motherload provides hours of time-wasting fun for a price tag that can’t be argued with. (It’s free. Was that not clear?)

Well, that’s all! If I’ve done my job right, it’s probably, say, August of 2013 and your parents are wondering what happened to you. Okay, maybe these time wasters aren’t for everyone, but hopefully you found something on this list that you haven’t heard of before that interests you. If not, hey, there are always more reruns of House on Hulu, right?

Kyle White works at the UWIT Help Desk and spends the rest of his time either in class or performing valuable independent research into internet-based time-wasting activities. You know, for science.

Kyle White from Evanston WY, Junior at UW Major in Screenwriting


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