Amazon Cloud Storage, You Bet

The UW IT Help Desk has previously covered cloud storage solutions, but today we’re going to look at a new service offered by Amazon. This new service is called Amazon Cloud. This new service provides to anyone 5 GBs of data “in the cloud” for you to use.

While services like Dropbox and Sugarsync also provide you with free space, these services traditionally aren’t focused on media.

This is where Amazon’s service is different.

Amazon not only encourages you to upload more than just documents and pictures. Amazon wants you to put videos and music in the cloud.

To help encourage this, Amazon developed an additional website called the Amazon Cloud Player.  This allows you to listen to the music you uploaded anywhere you have access to the internet. For even more access on the go, Amazon has also created an app for Android phones that will allow you to stream your music anywhere you might be.  At the moment, Apple’s iPhone and iPad do not have apps for them, but they are rumored to be coming soon. Just remember to be careful, if your carrier limits your data consumption, you’ll want to be cautious with your music consumption – otherwise you can stream your music to your heart’s content.

Now you might be wondering, how much music can I store in the cloud if they only give me 5 GBs? Well Amazon says that with that 5 GB in the cloud, you should be able to fit around 1000 songs.  But what if you have more than 5 GBs worth of music you want to upload? Well Amazon has you covered there too! From now till the end of 2011, Amazon will upgrade your 5 GB plan to a 20 GB plan for one year for free with the purchase of any Amazon MP3 album. As an additional bonus, when you purchase songs or albums from the Amazon MP3 Store, you can save your purchases to your Cloud Drive. All of your purchases are backed up and available for you to download at any time. And the best part of it all? When you save your Amazon MP3 Store purchases directly to your Cloud Drive, they don’t take up any of your storage space and are always stored for free.

So if you’re looking for a new place to backup your data online or if you’re looking for a new way to listen to your music around campus and on the go, Amazon’s new service is a worthy service to take a look at.


Pedro Rampolla Freshman at UW - Political Science from Cheyenne, WY


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