Fun and Free Time Wasters Part 4

Happy Wednesday!! Here’s your dose of time wasting for today.
Keep these posts handy for when you move back home with the rents… (Link)

 Have you ever heard that urban legend about the couple who found the dead body in their hotel bed? Or the one about how KFC is only called “KFC” instead of “Kentucky-Fried Chicken” because they’re not legally allowed to call their food “chicken” anymore? Or, really, any urban legend ever? Well, Snopes has heard of it first and they’ve done exhaustive research into whether or not it’s true. Snopes is the largest compendium of urban legends, myths, and rumors on the internet, and they’re quite reliable in debunking or confirming whatever they’re looking into. Fans of the freaky and the macabre will find plenty of entertaining (even if they’re mostly bunk) tales on their “Horrors” page. Looking for interesting college myths? Are you a film buff looking for some obscure stories about Hollywood (and their veracity)?  Weird photos, ghost sightings, an entire section on Coca Cola, car myths, and many more are all available for your enjoyment. If nothing else, it’s a good way to seem smarter at parties. Or, if you’re one of those devious types, you could always find stories that have been proven false and try to pass them off to your friends to see if they buy it. Not that we at the IT Desk would ever recommend or condone such actions, no matter how funny they might be.

By –

Kyle White from Evanston WY, Junior at UW Major in Screenwriting


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