Fun and Free Time Wasters Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Online Summer Fun segment!

Today Kyle’s going to give you a wonderful intro into a light-hearted Pop culture focused  wiki.

TV Tropes (Link)

What if Wikipedia were more fun to read, written all about your favorite movies and TV shows, and also incredibly addictive? TV Tropes is a step ahead of you. Originally started in 2004 to cover television (note the name), it has since expanded to cover comic books, video games, movies, anime and manga, literature, the stage, and even real life. Here’s how it works: it picks out things in pop culture that crop up in a lot of shows, movies, etc, and examines them (for an example: in horror movies the person blindly goes into the room with the killer, or they run into the dark woods instead of going to, say, the police station? There’s a trope for that). Incredibly detailed, wonderfully idiosyncratic, and just generally pleasant to peruse, TV Tropes is also a portal to all of the little gems of the internet that you may have missed. If you haven’t heard of, say, The Abridged Series, MST3K, or That Guy With the Glasses, you will have by the time you’re done with one round on TV Tropes.

If that doesn’t sound like fun (and to be fair it might not to everyone), give it a try. It will likely make you laugh, maybe make you think a little differently about the shows you’ve seen/books you’ve read/games you’ve played, etc, and cause your browser to explode into a million different tabs. For English majors or anyone who likes writing, it’s a great way to do “research” that will make you appear more knowledgeable to your teachers (also, TV Tropes is probably pound-for-pound more accurate than Wikipedia, despite its much more informal tone). But beware: as anyone who’s been there will tell you, TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.

If that hasn’t deterred you, my recommendation is to follow the link at the top of this entry, press “Random”, and dive on in!


Kyle White from Evanston WY, Junior at UW Major in Screenwriting


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