Fun and Free Time Wasters Part 1

Kyle, one of our newer Help Desk employees generated a wonderful and detailed list of some great free games and websites out there in the inter-web. This list is so awesome and detailed we’ve broken it up into five parts so as not to overload you and provide you with some fun reading now that the semester is over!

Take it away Kyle!

So, the semester has ended, somehow you survived finals week (thank you Monster and No-Dose). You deserve to take a break! We’re going to assume that you’re bored with watching old episodes of House on Hulu and reloading your Facebook page constantly. Well, hypothetical student, you’re in luck! It just so happens that we have spent the last three years of our student lives performing extensive research on the best places on the internet to waste time, that won’t bombard you with pop-ups or give you viruses, that are (mostly) safe for work or school. All of them are free (in some way), legal, and best of all fun.

*NOTE: In order to qualify for this list, a site has to have no pop-up ads, require no downloads, and it cannot require you to register/log in/pay money before you can enjoy its content. You’ll see in some cases that you can access other things by paying or registering or whatever, but the point of this article is that these sites have little to no strings attached.

Minecraft (Link)

Yes, Mojang AB’s indie phenomenon Minecraft has seen a lot of buzz – at least among nerdy types like yours truly – and for good reason: it is fun, accessible, and meticulously designed. For the uninitiated, it’s sort of like playing with Legos, only the entire world is made out of them, and you can use them to quite literally build anything you can imagine (don’t believe me?). Uber-creative types have made some truly staggering things in Minecraft, but for those of you not really into the whole imagination thing, it’s fun enough to recreate things from real life (replica of War Memorial Stadium? Why not recreate the entire campus if you’re bored!) Or if that’s not ambitious enough, you could, you know, build a scale replica of Earth. It’s really up to you. As of the writing of this article, there are 2 different ways to play Minecraft – Creative and Beta. The Beta will cost you money – €15.00 to be exact (and yes, that’s a Euro sign. Mojang AB is a Swedish company) which is roughly$21.77. It features an ever-growing list of add-ons and updates – including a day/night cycle, a mind-numbingly intricate crafting system, weapons, enemies, beds, complex circuitry, and now adorable pet wolves! Also, the randomly-generated world can grow to be 8 times the size of planet Earth.


For those of you who are cheap, poor, or confused as to why we would advertise something that costs money on an article titled, “5 Fun, Free Time-Wasters Online”, fear not! There is a free version of Minecraft – Minecraft Creative. It features a much smaller world and no crafting system, but on the plus side there are no enemies and you have unlimited building materials. Most of the above videos were made in Creative, and if you just want to build something extravagant, it’s much easier than the Beta. Also, it’s multiplayer. Have fun!


Kyle White from Evanston WY, Junior at UW Major in Screenwriting


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