Spicing Things Up With New Fonts

My favorite thing to do on the computer is design, and a crucial part of my work involves finding new and interesting fonts to use in my designs. A font can change the entire look of a paper, advertisement, or piece of artwork – so it’s important to know how to find and install fonts.

Dafont.com is where I go to find the latest free fonts. There are over 12,000 free fonts to choose from, ranging from Gothic styles, to Calligraphic, to Dingbats, and everything in between. You can even do a custom preview of specific words you’ll be using with the website’s comprehensive search engine.

To begin, select a font. There are several options for doing so at the top of the website. For the most popular fonts, select Top. For the newest fonts, select New Fonts. To choose from a variety of themes, select Themes. Pretty easy, right? In the themes section there are a variety of categories and subcategories. For simple Old English fonts, you can select Medieval under the Gothic category. For cursives, select Calligraphy under the Script category.

Once you’ve selected your font, it’s time to start the downloading process. Select Download on the far right side of your font. A window will pop up asking you if you’d like to Run or Save the file. Make sure you save the file on to your desktop so that you can find it when it’s all done.

When the file is saved, it will show up on your desktop in a Zip folder. Double click on the folder and when the window pops up, you’ll have several options. Click on Extract All Files, and an extraction wizard will open and allow you to extract the files.

After the files have been extracted, a new window will pop up showing you the full size files. Sometimes these files contain licenses or previews of the fonts along with the OpenType or TrueType font files. The font files are the ones you need to install the font on to your computer. Select the files (or both, by using Shift and your arrow keys to select more than one at a time) and right click on them. Here, you will need to do one of two things. If you are working on a Windows Vista computer, you can simply click Install to install your fonts. If you’re using an older version of Windows, copy the files and follow the next instructions.

Once you’ve copied your files, go to Start, then My Computer, then Control Panel, then Appearance and Personalization, and finally Fonts. Once you’ve clicked on Fonts, a folder will open showing all the fonts on your computer. Right click in a blank space of that folder and select Paste. Voila! Your font has been installed.

Now you can use your new font in all of your applications! Just keep in mind that if you’re planning on using your font on a Website, it won’t show up on another user’s computer unless they have downloaded that font as well. Otherwise, you’ll have to show the font in a picture.

Well, what are you waiting for? Start downloading!


Joanna Perry From Buffalo, WY Sophomore at UW Major: Religious Studies


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