Quick Tip Friday: Summer Hours At UW and Surviving Finals Week

Can you believe next week is Finals week?! Holy Cow. The Help Desk is a busy as ever as students call with the inevitable lost paper or crashed computer, and of course our trusty student employees are cramming between phone calls as well!

Everybody – take a DEEP breath, it’ll all be over in t-minus 5 days.

Well we thought we would cover the summer hours here in IT as well as a few stress relieving and study aide tips for all you last minute crammers.

First off, IT’s office hours for summer are below:
Monday – Friday 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM
CLOSED Saturday and Sunday

Now for the fun stuff!

Stress Relieving Tips:
1. Take time in the morning. We realize you’ve been up all night cramming but seriously, get up 15 or 20 minutes before you have to and do something nice for yourself. Head to the union and get some fancy coffee drink or breakfast at your favorite place. Just having a short amount of time NOT focused on the stress of the day will help to calm you and you can think clearly.

2. Plan out your day. It may sound lame and like something your parents do but seriously just listing what you absolutely have to do today and then making a sub-list of things you would like to get done today will make you feel so much better. Don’t over load yourself with studying for all your tests, grocery shopping and other miscellaneous as “A” priority. Put random errands as “B” priorities and you will feel so much more accomplished if you get to that list then if you overwhelm yourself with one giant MUST DO list.

3. Cool it on the adult beverages. We know it’s college and the #1 way to relax is a nice beer at The Library after class but don’t over do it. Save the money and time and make that a special treat for after your really tough exams are over. Going and throwing a couple back then pulling an all nighter will not help your brain get the edge it needs.

4. Put things in perspective. One line we heard years ago was “what will it matter in 5 years.” NO we are not saying its OK to not study. But we are saying do your best and once you take the test, stop worrying. You’ve brought your best to the table and all you can do now is wait and see.

Hope those four little tips from us help ease the stress that is sure to be out in force this weekend.



Whitney Oppenhuizen, Social Media Coordinator / Software Sales, from Grand Haven, MI


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