Numbering Word Documents Like A Pro

We have all had that annoying professor that just won’t take a document that isn’t numbered just so. “The introduction portion should be numbered with letters, the table of contents should be Roman numerals, and the remainder of the document should be numerically labeled.” This sounds easy enough, until you open your document in Word and tell it to insert page numbers. Word just numbered your title page!

Breathe, there are ways to get keep your professor happy without having to type of each separate component of your report into its own separate document.  You just have insert strategic page breaks in the document and have the new sections number themselves.

First, click at the beginning of the page in which you want the first page number to be applied. In Office 2010, you can always click on the Home tab to ensure you are on the start of this page.

Next, move over to the Page Layout Tab and look into the group titled Page Setup and click on the Breaks icon (labeled in Word 2007, but not in 2010. Please refer to the screen clipping below.)
After you have clicked on the Breaks icon, move your cursor to the Next Page option.
You will then want to double click in the header or footer area of the page you are working upon. This will open up the Design tab under the Header and Footer Tools for you.

While this is open, find the Navigation group and deselect the Link to Previous to turn it off and allow for different number schemes to be utilized (Orange oval below).
If you are adding a page number, select Page Number in the Header and Footer group (Purple oval above), scroll down the options to Format Page Numbers… to obtain the below box. The number format can be altered to what you would like for your number scheme for this section, as well as an option to start at a different number.  When you are finished with detailing information in this box, select OK.
Now, to return back to your document, click Close Header and Footer on the Design Tab (Far right, Big Red box with White X).
If more numbering areas need to be changed, repeat steps above until document is complete.

If you have other questions regarding your Word document, visit your friendly lab assistants in all of the major computer labs or visit and ask your question there. They have a lot of tutorial documents that should be able to answer most of your needs.


Elizabeth Jackson-Little Graduate Student at UW - Chemistry/Biology/ Secondary Ed. From: Bar Nunn, WY


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  1. Thank you so much for this. Saved my life!

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