UW Lab Assistant’s – Low Key Superheros

Body of the average college student, mind of a computer. The Lab Assistant!

Have you ever found yourself in a computer lab working on a project or homework assignment or just taking a break from it all and reading some comics and the lab computer has a mini meltdown?  As frustrating as this event can be, don’t panic. The first thing you should do is contact the Lab Assistant on duty, each lab has an assistant on duty during open hours.

Who is a Lab Assistant?

The Lab Assistant is the Super Hero of the lab. These individuals are people who come from a large background in computing, and have a vast amount of knowledge in computer operations and software use and practices.

What can they do?

A lab assistant is there to help troubleshoot any problems that may be occurring that are specific to a lab user, or affect a lab in general. For example, if you’re having issues getting a desired output from an Excel Spreadsheet, or you’re having formatting problems with Word, your Lab Assistant should be able to help fix the problem.

A lab assistant can also help with any printing issues that may arise. They can assist you with increasing your print quota, properly formatting certain document types, and PDF’s.

Please keep in mind, watch your print quota, often times even if the printing fails to complete, your quota is still charged for the job. If this happens contact the Lab Assistant immediately so they can begin the process of refunding you for the misprint. The refunds are not immediate and may take 24 to 48 hours to process. You will receive an email once the refund is approved.

Lab Use

The labs are available for both student and faculty use campus wide. They are designed to cater the needs of many from software installed on the computers to hardware like scanners and document viewers are available.

When using the Labs please be considerate. Multiple users are coming in and out of the labs each day, we ask that you help in keeping the labs clean, comfortable and safe for other users. You are more than welcome to eat and drink in labs where it is acceptable to do so. But please keep it clean, if you happen to spill notify the lab assistant so that proper measures can be taken to prevent hardware damage.

Limit cell phone use. The labs are like libraries, places to study, research and do homework. If you need to make or accept a call, please go outside the lab until the call has been completed. Same goes for Ipods and music players, please refrain from listening so loudly as to damage your eardrums, or your neighbors.

If you do need to leave the lab for any reason, we recommend no longer than 15 minutes. In times when the labs are busy, sometimes with every computer occupied and a user may need a computer. If your computer has been abandoned for longer than 15 minutes it will be given to the user. Your belongings will be collected and placed in the lost and found.

Lastly, if you have lost any items in a lab, check with the lab assistant as it may be in the lost and found. For more valuable items like cell phones, ipods or jump drives, these are turned into UWPD on a regular basis and as the user, you would need to contact them about anything matching an items description.

For more information on the labs check out this post.


David Little, Senior at UW - Architectural Engineering From Omaha, NE


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