There’s an App for That TOO!

Now, we all know that there is an “app” for just about anything imaginable. There is an app that does your taxes for you; I mean how awesome is that!? Being employees of the IT Department, and the Help Desk specifically, we spend a lot of time on the computer, and I mean A LOT. It’s safe to say that we have quite the surfing experience under our belts. And guess what, there’s a new app, yes another new app, before telling you about it I will sum it up in two words: “flippin’ finally!”

Have you ever gotten a document that needed your John Hancock; however you were faced with the unfortunate task of needing to print off a copy, sign it, then either scan it or fax it back to the sender? (Side note: who faxes anymore? That’s like asking to make a Xerox.) Anyways, it is not uncommon to get some sort of document that needs to be signed, that cannot be signed because of the inability to write on your computer screen (of course there are ways around it). Going even further, for those people who work from smartphones, you would have to wait to get back to the office in order to sign the documents. Some brainy innovators have designed EasySign a delightfully simple app that solves just that problem. This app makes signing while you are on the go leaps and bounds easier for those who tote around the iPhone. Unfortunately, this app is currently only an iOS app, with an Android compatible version coming soon.

Now how it works… A person, like yourself, will download the document directly to your iPhone, and then with your finger, you enter your John Hancock. The app will stamp whatever date your heart so desires to put on the document, then with a simple press of a button, voila the document is converted to a PDF and shot back to the sender.  There are even different color options for your signature too—although professionalism would say to stick with black or blue.  You can find EasySign on iTunes and from the app store, you get 3 free documents, then it is $4.99 for the next 20 documents and if rumor is correct, there will be a $9.99 unlimited version in the near future.

Enjoy the simplicity!

Greg Hachtel Sophomore at UW - Psychology From: Highlands Ranch, CO


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