Student Software and Lab Options at UW

Have you been in your position before? You take a class or lab and the instructor assigns a project that requires a specific computer program that can only be found in the computer lab you’re are currently using. Come to find out the computer lab has very strange hours and when it is open there are classes in it. Well now what would you do? Would you just not do the assignment? Would you go online or to the store and buy the odd expensive software? Or would you go the UW Microlab page and see if the software was available at a different computer lab, on the remote lab system or available for free download to students? I know that I would be choosing the last option and here is why. Yet many students don’t remember this option when it’s mid-semester crunch time.

The University of Wyoming has many computer labs, software and resources that all allow you to get any type of homework or project done. The first place to start is by going to the Microlab homepage and from there you can find just about anything you need to know about computing on and off campus. Say you are working on that project in the specific computer lab and it is closing, visit that available software link to find out if the specific software you are using is available at another computer lab or on the remote lab system. There is a very good chance that the software you are using is available in one form or another. So, now you have determined that the software is in another lab visit this site for a map of where that computer lab is located and how you can get to it from where you currently are.

Now isn’t that convenient? To top it all off say you want to work on your project from the comfort of your own home visit the remote lab system link and you can run the program from your home instantly. Finally, if you like the software so much you want to install it on your own computer check the WyoWare site to see if the software you are using is available to download for free or at a student price.

So there you have it, the next time your teacher gives you an assignment and you are not sure how you are ever going to finish it remember this information and you will be golden.


Branden Hayes Senior at UW - Energy Resource Science. From Pueblo, CO


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