Quick Tip: Bing Bang Boom – Bing in #2 Spot for Online Searches

Bing is now officially the second most popular search tool on the web. Folks who prefer Google often opt not to use Bing even when it is the default search engine, i.e. through the Internet Explorer browser, When they must use IE they tend to skip the search window and go straight to google.com for their searching needs, or disable Bing altogether.

Perhaps Bing’s success is due primarily to most people being too lazy to configure Internet Explorer from its default to Google. Maybe it is also partially attributable to Bing Cashback.

If you missed out on Bing Cashback, it was a short term offer (often inaccurately described as a Ponzi scheme) in which Microsoft offered people discounts on already existing internet shopping deals. Microsoft supposedly spent zillion. It was a boon for internet shopping, while it lasted.

Even without Bing Cashback, Bing still seems to have an edge on Google when it comes to shopping. I can only speculate that this is due to the relationship MS built last year with online stores.

Regardless of the reason, Bing is a great place to look for deals online and returns deals you can’t find on Google. Give it a whirl!

The IT Team


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