Take Me Out To The…(Technological Device That’ll Bring Me My MLB) Games!

The first weekend in April offers excitement to many people all around the globe. Not only does the first weekend in April signify the beginning of the last month in the 2010-2011 academic year, it also signifies something greater—Major League Baseball. As “Opening Weekend” has come and gone, many people from around the world watched America’s favorite past time to predict how their favorite teams in the American and National leagues will be this season.

Thankfully, Opening weekend fell on a weekend, when I could sit around and do absolutely nothing but watch baseball games. However, with so many games being played on week day afternoons, how on earth am I supposed to actually watch the games? The answer is simple—the internet.  There are several different ways to watch/listen to games live, and at work.

First, there is ESPN Game Cast. Game Cast offers a free play-by-play of any game in Major League Baseball. This is a very basic and inexpensive way to watch your favorite team, and the quality of the program proves that. For most people, this route is the way to go.

Second we have MLB.com and their version of Game Cast. This program offers more graphics and quicker play-by-play updating than ESPN’s version. MLB.com also offers video and audio clips from the games being played around the country. MLB.com is very appealing and runs nicely, which is why MLB.com is my personal recommendation for anyone who would like to “watch” a game live, but does not want to spend money, or is not in a place where they can readily watch a game on TV.

Last, but not least, we have MLB.tv. This program is offered through the above MLB.com however it comes with a price. At $20 a month, anyone can watch live games anywhere in the world with limited blackout restrictions. This program is a live feed directly through MLB.tv, and the quality of the video…Spectacular. This program also comes with audio commentary of the current came. For me, I chose to get a few friends together, split the price that way we can watch all of our favorite teams live, even when the games are not offered on TV.

Along with MLB.tv, there is an app for that, “at bat 2011” is an app offered for Apple  and Android devices, for $14.95 this app lets you watch live games through your MLB.tv subscription on the go. It also offers many other features that are useful for staying updated with the news around the leagues. Personally, I have not purchased the app, but if anyone has, feel free to chime in with a comment on this post and let us know how what you like or don’t like about it.

Whether you are at work or school, there are many ways to keep informed about live games around the country so don’t let the lack of a television hinder you from watching your favorite teams throughout the season.

Just one last thing –  Go O’s.

Greg Hachtel Sophomore at UW - Psychology From: Highlands Ranch, CO


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