Android E-Reader Recommendation

The App world is increasingly cluttered with all sorts of gadgets that are going to “change your world.” I think we can all agree that 50% of the time that’s not the case. One of our own here at the Help Desk does have a recommendation for you this week that all avid readers are going to want to check out.

Most of us have smartphones by now, even the late adopters are catching on. Of course there are still a lot of people out there who are skeptical of some of the features these new phones offer like mobile banking. To my surprise, and I’d hazard a guess to say most new Android owners, Android’s capabilities have blown me away in every respect (OK, except maybe for battery life when watching Netflix or Hulu.)

My most recent delight was found in Moon+ Reader.  Like all good Android apps, it installs itself and the standard setup is perfect for the average users needs. To make it even better, this app is FREE!

Last Saturday afternoon I went to Gutenberg (the largest free e-book repository online) and downloaded their most popular book, Huckleberry Finn. As I waited for the book to load, I had visions of crossed eyes and severe headaches from trying to read on my tiny screen. A couple hours and eighteen chapters later, I was sold!

The text is beautiful and crisp. The one touch page flipping is intuitive. You don’t have to keep track of where you stop reading, because Moon+ Reader does this every time you exit. The brightness of the Droid screen and the other factors make reading a classic novel on the Droid easier than reading on paper.

As soon all textbooks are available as e-books, I look forward to rarely reading on paper any more. The Droid has taken the place of a video game system, phone, general purpose laptop and even a compact e-reader. My lust for an iPad has suddenly diminished.

If you use the Android platform, and are interested in this app click the link and read to your heart’s content.

The IT Team


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