Can’t Sleep? There’s An App For That.

It’s 12 a.m. and you are in bed, its dark, quiet and you are about to fall asleep, but then you phone goes off with a email notification and now are are wide awake again. As more and more students have smart-phones this late night notification is becoming more common. And to solve this problem there is an app for that and this blog will help you find an app to help you out.


This free app created by RDRR labs is what some call a super app. It is a full service time management app that allows you to create custom profiles to fit your everyday busy schedule. Each custom profile you create allows you to set each notification including emails, alarms, voice, ring, etc. to have sound at any level, vibrate and silent at any time of the day. So you can set your complete day such as turning all sounds on when you wake up, turning notifications to vibrate and ring off when you go to class, turning ring back on when you are done with class, turning everything to silent for a meeting, then back on after the meeting and finally all sounds off when you go to sleep. This app is awesome if you set everything correctly and you never have to change the phone setting before going into class and you never have to check to see if the ringer is on when you are out of class. Below are some screen shots of the program from a Droid.
Click here to download from the Android Market

Sweet Dreams

This free app from Inizziativa Networks is simple yet great app that will turn every sound off at a certain time and then back on again at a later time. That is the entire app. When set correctly it works great. I have been using this app for about 3 weeks and I really like it. The app turns all sound off at 11:30 p.m. and then turns everything back on at 6:30 a.m. when I wake up. There really is not much to this app but that is what makes it great. See below for some screen shots of the app on a Droid.
Click here to download from the Android Market

Deep Sleep

This free app from LeKuSoft was created for all of you who like a little ambient sound as you drift off into dream land. The app allows you to pick a sound; anything from a heartbeat to a gentle mountain creek for 5-60 minutes to allow you to fall asleep without wasting your battery. I have used this program a few times when my room is just a little to quite to sleep and it is great.
Click here to download from the Android Market



Sleep as an Droid

The last sleep aid app is “Sleep as an Droid” by Petr Nalevka and even though this app is $1.34 or free for 14 days it is well worth it if you have any form of sleeping problems or just feel like you cannot get a great rest. This amazing app is a sleep tracker at its core; each night you set it up, place it on the bed next to you and your phone will record your movements. “Sleep as an Droid” will take this data throughout the night and plot it on a graph detailing your night’s sleep. Once you have done this a couple of nights the app can actually tell when you are in REM sleep or in light sleep and has some settings to make sure you get the best night’s sleep and wake up when you are going to be the most rested. The app can inform you when it is time to go to bed so you get the needed hours to sleep. You can set an early wake up alarm to go off if you are in a light sleep close to your normal alarm, thus feeling more rested and awake when the alarm goes off. All in all this is a great app for those of you that have sleep problems and like to learn some new things about your own internal biology.
Click here to download from the Android Market


Branden Hayes Senior at UW - Energy Resource Science. From Pueblo, CO


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