New Series On Student Success: Part 1 – Careful With That Email!

The IT blog is starting up yet another new series of blogs focusing on you, the students of UW. In a day and age where almost everyone has some sort of social networking presence and communication can go global in a click of a mouse it’s very important to watch what you’re putting out there.

This series is going to cover how students can keep their image true to who they are without losing klout, no not the Klout you find on Twitter but actual real world klout, you know your reputation. To start things off one of our Help Desk pro’s has his take on email. Take it away…

Too bad there's no "undo" button when you send an email out to the wrong person!

Watching The Social Network last night, I was reminded of humiliating situations when some of my private information was disclosed to the wrong group of people. Once I left my Facebook account open and an intoxicated “friend” invited a global list over to my place to “partay”. I have called the wrong person by accident and immediately rambled into a story I shouldn’t have. Yeah, I am that smart, but we all have our moments right?

Imagine the horror of sending an email to an entire group of people on campus who at best don’t care about your email and are annoyed, or perhaps find the incorrectly addressed email funny, or at worst decide to be nasty to you for your mistake. Unfortunately, this is a very easy mistake to make and a personal nightmare when it does happen.

When sending any email to an individual, or especially an email group, please double check and triple check your recipients before you hit that send button. There is no worse feeling than accidentally revealing the details of a date to the entire UW global address list. OK, maybe the dream of showing up to class naked is a little worse, but you get my point.

Tune in tomorrow for Whitney’s quick tip of the day where she’ll show you how to create a proper signature for your email. Sure to impress professors and hiring committee’s when you’re applying for those all-important summer internships.

IT Team


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