Weblebrities What Do You Think of Them?

The Latest Web Celebrity

With a hundreds of thousands of individuals jumping on the social networking bandwagon daily, it is almost impossible for an avid networker to be unaware of the Web Celebrities who gain fame (and sometimes fortune) from their online ways. Weblebrity, a hybrid of “web celebrity,” is simply just that. Whether it is a 7 year old who raps his own remixes to popular songs (MattyBRaps), or Keenan Cahill (BeenerKeeKee19952) who has become a YouTube sensation with his lip syncing break downs of popular songs, and maybe a few guilty pleasure one’s tossed in as well. These individuals are tiny example of those that have risen to the top of the YouTube popularity contest. But who really cares? For most weblebrities of the past, they have a few months; maybe a year of solid fame, where everyone who is anyone has seen or heard of these folks, followed by nothingness where 3 years down the road people are asking whatever happened to them. So why even bother in the first place? Here at the UW Help Desk, employees often spend much of the slow days on social networking sites, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, you name it and we’re on there. (Don’t worry we are NOT on those sites when working with you, our customers.) Not to mention that the UWIT Help Desk not only has this blog at wordpress.com, but we also have a facebook, and twitter outlets. Anyways, back to the point, here at the Help Desk we get the chance to poke around and see all the hip new stars of the next generation, a generation who spends more time on the computer than outside playing sports, or digging for worms like so many before them have done, myself included. With so much time spend on the internet; it’s only logical that more weblebrities come to light. Personally, I like to watch them, in the early stages of their “career”, they’re fun to watch as they are first growing into whatever talent they have become “known” for.  As their experience grows, they become more entertaining and actually good at what they do. Take Keenan Cahill for example, he was terrible at first, let’s be honest, but now, the kid knows what he’s doing. He was asked by 50 cent to help debut the song Down on Me, and when invited to appear on Chelsea Lately, not only did he go, but he also gave Chelsea his phone number and hit on her on live television—This sort of thing is very entertaining. Some of the weblebrities are really inspiring look at Ted Williams, “The Homeless Man with The Golden Voice.” Not only can you be entertaining but some weblebrities actually change their life and inspire others. A pretty great feat for a couple minute long Youtube Video. So who cares? To sum it up, who really cares – a lot of people. It gives them something to entertain themselves with. Some people may even look up to these web sensations. Unlike professional sports, it doesn’t take much skill to be able to videotape yourself and post it on the internet. It offers a sense of hope for those who won’t cut it as a professional athlete or who didn’t make the cut in Idol. With a little imagination, some technology, and a little luck, anyone can get their name out there, and if you’re really lucky maybe even get on TV.


Greg Hachtel Sophomore at UW - Psychology From: Highlands Ranch, CO


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