Friday’s Quick Tip – Accessing your Transcript from WyoWeb

Almost every day at the Help Desk, alumni and students from years past call in with problems trying to log into WyoWeb in order to gain access to a copy of their transcripts and have it mailed to them. However, with alumni who have never logged into WyoWeb, their initial password often gets rejected and they get locked out of their account. The following is a quick run through on how to recover your username and initial password:

1)      Go to

2)      On the left hand side you will see two gray boxes, one for your username and password, and the other with several links,  click on the “Get username and initial password”

3)      Next fill out the required information and click submit.

4)      You will then get your username and your initial password copy them down them go back to

5)       Input your username and password in the dialog boxes.

6)      If your credentials worked, then skip down to step 9.

7)      If your credentials did not work and you received an error, then you will need to have your password reset through the IT Help Desk. Do NOT keep trying your initial password, you will only disable and lock out your account.

8)      Call the UWIT Help Desk at 307-766-4357, they will ask you for your username, and then have you verify some personal information. After which they will reset your password.

9)      Once you have successfully logged in, under the Alumni/Friends tab you will find a link to order your transcripts.


Greg Hachtel Sophomore at UW - Psychology From: Highlands Ranch, CO


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