Decisions…Decisions—Table PC’s vs. Laptop Mini’s—The Debate

For use in the classroom, which one is the best? Take a look:

The iPad and an example of extra hardware - the iPen

The iPad
It is so versatile it can be used in any situation, the workplace, the home, the classroom, and almost any other social situation you can think of. Here are several pros and cons to owning an iPad:

1.       Easy to use (Same operating system as the iPhone and iPod Touch)
2.       Size (Smaller than a piece of paper)
3.       Capability to use to read books via iBooks from Apple
4.       Endless array of applications from the app store

1.       Price ($469 16GB, more expensive than any other tablet PC for what it has to offer)
2.       Irreplaceable battery
3.       Some say the key board is a bit awkward
4.       Does not support widely used software on the internet such as flash
5.       No Multitasking (use of two applications at the same time)
6.       Have to purchase other hardware from Apple themselves no other hardware is supported

HP Mini 1103

The Laptop Mini (Ex. HP Mini 1103)
Made with versatility in mind, there are many pros to owning one, however there are some cons.

1.       Budget-priced (Around $300)
2.       Solid construction, Light weight
3.       Excellent battery life
4.       Comfortable keyboard (almost full-sized)

1.       Single-Core Atom CPU (not as fast as full-sized laptops)
2.       Narrow touch pad
3.       Limited customization
4.       Not as flashy as the iPad

So there it is… the pros and cons of both the iPad and Mini Laptops. Specifically examined was the HP Mini 1103. Ultimately the final choice is up to the person wanting to purchase a new PC, whether they want a state-of-the-art tablet such as the iPad, or the more compatible yet just as versatile laptop mini. At UW, both types seem to be rather popular, receiving wireless internet in most buildings on campus, along with software for both Apples and Windows based operating systems being available through UW, both are useful. If the mini be a Dell, both the iPad and the computer would be supported by UWIT. Personally, the laptop mini seems to be the most useful in the current academic situation, some might say I’m a PC in a MAC world, however, I say I prefer performance and efficiency over the state-of-the-art “coolness” an iPad comes with, now up to you…What will you choose?


Greg Hachtel Sophomore at UW - Psychology From: Highlands Ranch, CO


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