Quick Tip Friday – Weather Widgets

You just never know what type of weather you'll get here in Big Wonderful Wyoming

WEATHER! Whether you’re walking or driving, winter in Laramie is harsh. To help you prepare for the cold days ahead there are a number of different sources that can help you get the most information on the day ahead so you know just how many pairs of socks it’s going to take to keep the feeling in your toes. The easiest way to find out the weather for the day ahead is through the site www.weather.com. It’s easy to use and breaks down the day ahead for you as well as some general information on the days ahead.

For those of us who aren’t used to using Fahrenheit, the national weather service office website has a handy converter: http://www.wbuf.noaa.gov/tempfc.htm

If you’re driving into Laramie on a snowy day, it’s best to look ahead and figure out what you’ll be facing behind those wipers. The Wyoming Department of Transportation’s website (http://www.wyoroad.info/) is great for giving road conditions.

Then there’s always the problem of being prepared for the weather when you left the house yet coming out of the classroom to discover things have changed since your class started less than an hour ago. The best way to stay up on the weather is with a desktop widget that you can customize to where ever you’re at. (Or maybe even where you’d like to be, say Hawaii?)

There are several desktop widgets out there. They all do the same thing and it’s basically personal preference. Well that and who you think the best “weather guessers” are.
Here’s a list of some desktop widgets that are out there – if you have a Mac one come standard on your dashboard. You can always download another that sits right on your desktop if you prefer.

|| WeatherBlink || Yahoo Weather || Google Desktop ||

|| AccuWeather ||Weather Channel Desktop ||

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Helen McBride Graduate Student at UW - History/Gender Women's Studies From: Armagh, Ireland


2 responses to “Quick Tip Friday – Weather Widgets

  1. Eric Mattimoe

    http://www.weather.com is accessible inside WyoWeb through the Weather icon in the WyoWeb title bar.

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