Keeping That Computer Speedy and Clean – CCleaner

While the UW IT Help Desk has discussed how to clean up and speed your computer up before, today we’re going to highlight another tool to clean your computer. CCleaner, an award winning tool from developer Piriform, is the heavy duty cleaner for one’s computer. While Windows Disk Clean Up can get the job done, CCleaner is different in that it gives you much more control with what gets cleaned up and provides additional tools to clean up the computer that Windows just simply doesn’t provide for.

To begin, download the most recent edition of CCleaner. As you go to install the program, it will prompt you to add shortcuts to the program to areas like the Recycle Bin menu. This is recommended as it will allow you to run the cleaner from this shortcut and get your computer cleaned up without having to open up another window.

As it finishes installing, it will prompt you and ask if you would like to use a feature called Intelligent Cookie Scan. Intelligent Cookie Scan is a feature that differentiates from other cleaning programs, they simply delete all of the saved passwords of all the websites you’ve ever been. This feature though, will scan through your cookies and leaves the ones for websites like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and Facebook intact, saving you the time to go and log back into those sites.

Now after its finished installing, you will see a screen that looks like this.

You can select “Analyze” to receive a statement of what’s on your computer to delete and you can select “Run Cleaner” to delete all of those files. Please note that you don’t have to run the “Analyze” to clear the files. One of the nice advantages of CCleaner is that it’s very fast in its cleaning capabilities and never will bog your computer down.

In addition to the cleaning capabilities CCleaner offers, you are also able to speed your computer up by cleaning up files and broken system links that sometimes slow the computer down without your knowledge. To do this, simply click on the “Registry” image, and select “Scan for Issues.”

One of the final features, and one of my favorites, comes in the “Tools” option.  In this menu, you are provided with a quick and fast way to uninstall programs. This method is much more effective for uninstalling programs as typically, it takes Windows longer to load and refresh the list of programs installed on the computer.

If you use the program regularly, you’ll see a definite improvement in your computer’s speed and it will be something you’ll be glad you did.


Pedro Rampolla Freshman at UW - Political Science from Cheyenne, WY


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