Quick Tip Friday – Capturing Screen Shots No Keyboard Shortcuts Needed.

Do you, like many people, have trouble remembering keyboard shortcuts for screenshots? If so, Windows 7 has a feature that can make your life easier whenever you want to capture an image from your monitor.

To access The Snipping tool, simply click on the start menu in the lower right of your screen and type “Snip” followed by the Enter key in the search bar.

When the snipping tool appears, your mouse cursor will turn into cross-hairs. To capture a snip, click and drag the cursor diagonally, releasing it after you have covered the area desired.

This rectangular method of snipping is not your only option. Click on the “New” button in the Snipping Tool to reveal more options. There is a “free form” option which allows you to trace around the area you want to capture. Another option is “window”, which captures the only the top application window on your screen. Finally, if you need something just like a good old-fashioned screenshot, select “full screen” and you will capture everything on your screen.

Once you have captured your snip, a new window will appear with very useful options. Click through the menus and you will find the ability to draw on your snip with marker tools as well as saving the snip as various graphics file types. All things considered, the Snipping Tool is like three programs in one, and makes sharing what you see on your screen much simpler!

The IT Team


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