Software on the Cheap at UW – You Bet!

Here at the University of Wyoming, students and faculty have the chance to get brand new, top of the line software for next to nothing, making UW Software “purchases” one of the biggest assets on campus. Of course, being a college student means that we do not have a plethora of money to be spent on the new Office 2011 for MAC instead it would rather be used at the Cowboy on a Wednesday night or Jimmy John’s at 3 am. This means that discounted software in a huge plus for the up-to-date-software-fanatic out there and UWIT is here to meet your needs.

As a student, a faculty member, or part of a department, access to all of the software availability information anyone would ever need is at your fingertips.  WyoWare is the main source of software at The University, with its ease of access and abundance of software. It can be found by going to, of course a University of Wyoming username and password needs to be used, then after that simply select whether a student or a faculty member. Then select start the download process, and find the software we currently offer. One of the major advantages which we have that you may not find elsewhere is the availability of free software. Yup, it’s true, the University of Wyoming offers free software to its students, but not ALL software is free. The software currently available for free download includes:

Trend Micro Antivirus
Office Professional Plus 2010
Windows XP Professional (upgrade)
Office 2011 for MAC
Office Enterprise 2007
Office 2008 for MAC.

While the software listed is free, other software is offered to students (and faculty) for a discount, a major discount. Helping make 3 am phone calls to Jimmy John’s after a ridiculously busy swing-dancing night a possibility. So if by chance the $9.75 Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade software is too expensive, snapping back to reality and realizing that cost is less than the movie ticket to Harry Potter 7, hopefully will put things in perspective. At $9.75 you will not find it cheaper anywhere else – by a long shot. (It retails for $319.99) This is a HUGE deal, and  just one more way we can give back. If you have any questions about software please call the Help Desk at 766-4357. By the way, the software can only be downloaded once, so if any siblings or parents decide to reap the benefits, emails from us and a collector (Chuck Norris) will be soon imposed on your life… okay, maybe not Chuck Norris, but emails and reprimanding most definitely will.


Greg Hachtel Sophomore at UW - Psychology From: Highlands Ranch, CO


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