QR Codes – What the Heck Are They?

An example of how QR codes are being used for advertisements

For those of you that aren’t super tech savvy there’s a new communication development out there in tech-land: the QR Code. QR stands for “quick response” and it’s a two-dimensional bar code created back in 1994. If you own a Blackberry chances are you’ve used / shared your QR code from your phone with fellow Blackberry friends so that you can use BBM with one another. (BBM is Blackberry’s messaging service.)

As of late these codes have been popping up everywhere from the back boxes, to give additional information on a product to Vogue Magazine – a recent fashion add has a video clip that goes along with it. Heck book distributors even have them up in the Denver airport and you can scan them and get a free eBook sent to you!

So how can you use them, aside from sharing Blackberry information with buddies?  You can create your own at websites like ScanLife. Think of using it on your Facebook or Linkedin accounts to provide more information to employers or possible employers if you’re currently looking for a job. People are also starting to include them on the bottom of emails as signatures and links to blogs and personal websites or on the back of business cards.

The sky is really the limit with this new technology, it’s a great way to market yourself as a tech guru in your field. Becoming familiar with it at this stage in the game will allow you to market yourself as an expert. If your company decides to implement a QR code strategy in its new business plan, you’ll be poised to offer assistance.

Keep your eye out for it, we’re sure you’ll see QR codes everywhere now that you’re conscious of them.

By –

Whitney Oppenhuizen, Office Aide to VP of IT, from Grand Haven, MI


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