Foursquare – Proving It Has Staying Power

Foursquare started in it’s infancy over a year ago. When it first started you either loved it or hated it, the biggest complaint being: why would I want everyone to know where I am at all times?

Foursquare’s saving grace is the fact that businesses use it as a way to reward frequent customers. That makes the 5 seconds it takes to check-in at your local haunt that much more rewarding. Last year they boasted 380 Million check-in’s. Check out Read, Write, Web’s article on the breakdown of Foursquare 2010 success.

One of the newer wonder-kid’s of social media is slowly picking up here in Wyoming. Many of the local businesses in Laramie have specials and although you might not like the idea that ANYONE can see your location all the time that’s actually false. Your Foursquare account is only open to those you friend and if you’re still paranoid can opt to check-in but not tell a soul. The message will read on your Foursquare page “Joe checked-in but is hiding his whereabouts” That way you’re still up for all the fun badges but you don’t have to let your friends know where you are every moment of every day.

Not to mention the great deals, like become the mayor at one of the local pizza joints and you receive a great discount on any size pizza or the constant 3 for 2 deal at Bath and Body Works.

It’s well worth a look when you’re on a student budget, or just a fan of being frugal.

By –

Whitney Oppenhuizen, Office Aide to VP of IT, from Grand Haven, MI


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