When Do We Get The Suitecase Space Ship? Technology in Our Everyday Lives.

Global mass media influences the technology of today as much as the technology of today paves the way for new mediums in mass media. For example, Hollywood has glamorized the technological advances of the world since the invention of the motion picture camera. In many ways, that art of media including film and literature has inspired many technological breakthroughs and innovations.

Sadly this is about as far in the future as a Jetson's suitecase spaceship.

Think back to 2002, when Minority Report sprang from Hollywood. It’s the year 2054 and Chief John Anderton (Tom Cruise’s character) works furiously on an Interactive Holographic display. The question would be is this possible? To work interactively with a Holographic Computer display?

Currently, the answer is no. Remember, über fantastic futuristic movies are just that, futuristic. The technology available today just doesn’t have the capability to produce that kind of performance.

So looking closer to home, an article was recently published at computerworld.com. “Will touch screens kill the keyboard?” This is potentially plausible in our current technological reality given that touch screens are now being used in phone, computers, iPads and other devices.

But the question is, is it practical? According to the article, the answer is no. Citing the technical demands of numerous fields and industries, the use of a touch screen keyboard isn’t logical. It may be useful to check your email with, but for writing a 1000 word entry for a scientific journal, technical proposals or even writing letters home it’s not.

Don’t put too much stock in Hollywood’s predictions or those fantastical ideas we all had that sprung from the Jetson’s. Eventually we’ll get there, but there’s no way to know exactly when we’ll be able to fold our flying cars into a suitcase.

By –

David Little, Senior at UW - Architectural Engineering From Omaha, NE


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