Moving to Laramie and Worried About Your Cell Phone Coverage?

When someone considers going to the University of Wyoming, one often overlooked question is will my cell phone work in the area? Well don’t you worry as we here at the UW IT Help Desk have several tips in regards to your cell phone carrier and making sure that you can use your service in Laramie. While this list isn’t fully inclusive of all the hundreds of cell phone carriers in the United States, this short guide is intended to make you aware of any issues you may have when moving your service here to the Gem City of the Plains.

We’ve rated each of the carriers on a five star scale for ease of use in the Laramie area.

Verizon Wireless:
When it comes to coverage here in Laramie and in Wyoming overall, Verizon has the largest network which means you receive fast and reliable voice and data service. Verizon also has four stores here in Laramie to assist with any issues you may have with your phone or account. There is even one located across the street from the dorms for any residents who may have issues.

Historically speaking, states like Wyoming, because of their lack of population, have never had reliable service from AT&T. That all is changing with AT&T’s acquisition of Alltel Wireless in Wyoming. What that means for you the customer, is that any traveling you do in Wyoming, you will have service on your phone.  Because this required new equipment of Alltel’s towers, AT&T will be bringing their top of the line, speedy service to those of us here in Wyoming. Now when it comes to servicing your phone or any account issues, Laramie is home to one store. This one store is also conveniently located across the street from the dorms, although don’t go rushing out to get your AT&T phones fixed.  The store is still an Alltel branded store until AT&T turns on full network support for the state in March 2011.

Sprint has always said they have some of the Nation’s best coverage but this is largely helped by roaming agreements the carriers sign. This was how Sprint could provide coverage in Wyoming.  The only issue with this is that Sprint’s roaming agreement was signed with Alltel Wireless who is becoming AT&T in this area. With these networks being technologically incompatible with each other, this means that Sprint’s roaming agreement is now over. For those that may live in Laramie and have Sprint service, this means that you will now be using your voice minutes and data exclusively in roaming and this can result in a termination of your service agreement.

If you may have a carrier like Sprint or T-Mobile that does not provide full service here in Laramie and you may want to consider switching carriers. This can sometimes result in an Early Termination Fee.  Most carriers, if you call and explain that you will not be able to use their service, understand enough that they may be willing to waive this fee. Ultimately though, if you have any questions concerning your service provider or plan, please contact your provider.

Verizon Wireless – (800) 922-0204
AT&T- (800) 331-0500
Sprint- (888) 211-4727

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Pedro Rampolla Freshman at UW - Political Science from Cheyenne, WY


3 responses to “Moving to Laramie and Worried About Your Cell Phone Coverage?

  1. Don’t forget Union Wireless. They are a regional carrier with extensive GSM roaming agreements across that country with T mobile, ATT, and other regional GSM carriers giving them a larger footprint nationwide than any “major” carrier. Union will have their 3g network rolled out by the end of may and it will use the same AWS-1700/2100mgz spectrum as T-mobile does across the USA.

    Also, T mobile works well in Laramie and across wyoming as it roams (at no cost) on Union Telephone and the old Alltel/Cellular One network.

  2. Pam Henderson

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    Great information about your cell phone service!

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