It’s a New Semester – Time For a Clean Up of the Computer

Cleaning up your computer = speeding up your computer.  The less junk you have on your computer, the better your it will run which, lo-and-behold, is why when you get a new computer it runs so well.  One easy way to clean up your computer is with the Windows Disk Clean Up.  This can be found by going to the Start menu the follow this progression: Select – all programs, accessories, system tools and Disk Cleanup.

Under “Files to delete:” select all but the “Windows Error reporting” at the bottom of the list* and select OK.  This will clear files from your computer saving space and speeding up your computer.

*If using Windows XP, don’t select to compress files.

By –

Tyrel Ebele, Senior at UW - Computer Science, From Montpelier, ND


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