Using Wyo-Web for Staff And Students

WyoWeb was introduced to the UW campus community in 2006 to rave reviews from the campus community.  Okay, maybe not rave reviews, but it has become the central place for many University related happenings.  As students, WyoWeb is where you register for classes, get your email, see what’s happening on campus, access your class resources and where you can access group information from organizations and clubs you belong to.  Here at UWIT WyoWeb is considered our most important application to the students and faculty at UW. Here’s a quick tutorial on the bigger things WyoWeb can do for you.

When you need your password changed you should use WyoWeb.  You can click on the My Account link in the upper left hand corner of WyoWeb and change your password or reconfigure your secret questions in case you forget your password later.

You can check your email in WyoWeb by clicking the Email button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  This actually redirects you to and uses a single sign on process to access your email.  However, you can just go to that link and login anytime to skip the WyoWeb login process.  Also, the email button as well as Registration Tools and anything else that uses a secure port on WyoWeb may come up with a blank internet page.  This happens when port 443, which is the secure network UWIT uses so your personal information isn’t at risk, is being blocked by a firewall.  Several users who access WyoWeb from off-campus computers may see this, and it means your network or computer is blocking port 443.  You can bypass this by using the UWIT remote lab, which can be found at

Though Internet Explorer and Google Chrome both can run WyoWeb, it actually works the best on Mozilla Firefox.  Firefox is a browser that can be downloaded at no cost from  Several support calls that come through the UWIT Help Desk dealing with WyoWeb are resolved simply by using Firefox.  We are not sure why it makes such a difference, but usually caching of Temporary internet files in Internet Explorer is the issue.

For the most part, WyoWeb does its job well, but it does have its quirks.  For most problems you can always contact the Help Desk, but the My Courses tab uses a function of WyoWeb called Course Studio.  This is actually supported by the Ellbogen Center for Teaching and Learning and they can be contacted at 307-766-5499.

By –

Brett Williams, Help Desk Manager From Laramie, WY


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