What the Verizon iPhone Announcment Means in Wyoming

Verizon iPhone - Check!

Verizon Wireless has announced that on February 3rd, 2010 you can now, officially, pre-order the Apple iPhone 4.  This is big news for students, staff and faculty at the University of Wyoming.  For several reasons, the only wireless phone carrier that could get access to the iPhone was AT&T and we here in Laramie, could not rely on that service in the area.  Verizon Wireless has the best service in the area, and though not everyone is a subscriber a large portion of our campus community, are on the Verizon network.

Now in the past year Verizon has been selling the Droid and other smartphones that work quite well within the smart phone world.  The Droid Market, similar to the Apple App Store, has many of the same apps available and has the same functions of the iPhone.  The Droid, by far, is the iPhone’s biggest competitor and currently sells more than the iPhone at this point.

When choosing a smart phone you really want to look at what your needs are before purchasing, it will be interesting to see if iPhone sales go once on the Verizon network.

Now all of these smartphones do the same basic stuff, email, calendar, internet, apps.  The differences are going to come down to personal preference.  If you have an iPod and a phone, the iPhone can work as both.  This gives you one less device to carry around.  You can listen to music on the Droid as well, but they do not integrate as well with iTunes so getting your iTunes catalogue onto your phone may be problematic.  If you use iTunes and want that on your phone, you have that option with the iPhone. The iPhone 4 has a camera that you can use to stream video.  If you want to have a video call with another iPhone carrier, you can.  Droid currently does not offer this on their phones.  Streaming video, such as YouTube most likely will display about the same on both phones.  Screen size for movies, tv shows, video also play a part in your decision.

The main things you want to look for in your smartphone are what you currently would like to do, or are already doing and which phone will work the best for your needs.  If you currently have a Droid and are completely happy with, there really is no need to switch to the iPhone just because you can.  If you are a MAC computer user, you may feel more comfortable with the screen display on the iPhone, and if you are an iPod user you may want the convenience of having the phone/iPod combination on one device.  If video calls are something you feel you would use a lot, maybe the iPhone is the way to go.  The important thing to understand is that these phones all will work in Laramie and at the University of Wyoming, so look closely at your needs and then go with what will make your life that much more comfortable and easy.

By –

Brett Williams, Help Desk Manager From Laramie, WY


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