Quick Tip Friday – See how awesome the Alt key is

The ALT key has more of a purpose than being the middle key in the old-school method of rebooting your computer (back when ‘Ctrl+Alt+Delete’ was the solution to any problem). Stop manually adding those squiggles, slashes, tails and dots when completing foreign language assignments! Jazz up that email to mom asking for money with ♥’s and ☺’s! Step up your word processing game and impress your professors by adding the ALT key codes to your technological arsenal. Simply hold down one of the ALT keys, make sure that ‘Num Lock’ is on and type the accompanying code on the number pad on the far right of the keyboard (not the number keys at the top of your keyboard). Voilà!

ALT key shortcuts on your PC keyboard

Alt Codes Symbol Description
Alt 0224 à a grave
Alt 0225 á a acute
Alt 0226 â a circumflex
Alt 0227 ã a tilde
Alt 0228 ä a umlaut
Alt 0231 ç c cedilla
Alt 0232 è e grave
Alt 0233 é e acute
Alt 0234 ê e circumflex
Alt 0235 ë e umlaut
Alt 0236 ì i grave
Alt 0237 í i acute
Alt 0238 î i circumflex
Alt 0239 ï i umlaut
Alt 164 ñ n tilde
Alt 0242 ò o grave
Alt 0243 ó o acute
Alt 0244 ô o circumflex
Alt 0245 õ o tilde
Alt 0246 ö o umlaut
Alt 0154 š s caron
Alt 0249 ù u grave
Alt 0250 ú u acute
Alt 0251 û u circumflex
Alt 0252 ü u umlaut
Alt 0253 ý y acute
Alt 0255 ÿ y umlaut
Alt 0158 ž z caron

ALT key accents in UPPER CASE

Alt Codes Symbol Description
Alt 0192 À A grave
Alt 0193 Á A acute
Alt 0194 Â A circumflex
Alt 0195 Ã A tilde
Alt 0196 Ä A umlaut
Alt 0199 Ç C cedilla
Alt 0200 È E grave
Alt 0201 É E acute
Alt 0202 Ê E circumflex
Alt 0203 Ë E umlaut
Alt 0204 Ì I grave
Alt 0205 Í I acute
Alt 0206 Î I circumflex
Alt 0207 Ï I umlaut
Alt 165 Ñ N tilde
Alt 0210 Ò O grave
Alt 0211 Ó O acute
Alt 0212 Ô O circumflex
Alt 0213 Õ O tilde
Alt 0214 Ö O umlaut
Alt 0138 Š S caron
Alt 0218 Ú U acute
Alt 0219 Û U circumflex
Alt 0220 Ü U umlaut
Alt 0217 Ù U grave
Alt 0221 Ý Y acute
Alt 0159 Ÿ Y umlaut
Alt 0142 Ž Z caron

How to make symbols with ALT keys on your keyboard

Alt 1 smiley face
Alt 2 black smiley face
Alt 3 Heart
Alt 4 Diamond
Alt 5 Club
Alt 6 spade
Alt 11 m­ale sign
Alt 12 female sign
Alt 13 e­ighth note
Alt 14 beamed eighth note
Alt 15 ¤ sun
Alt 18 u­p/down arrow
Alt 24 up arrow
Alt 25 down arrow
Alt 26 right arrow
Alt 27 l­eft arrow
Alt 29 lef­t right arrow
Alt 251  √ check mark / square root
Alt 252  ⁿ power n
Alt 8236 , infinity
Alt 8721 Nary summation (auto sum)
Alt 0153 trademark symbol
Alt 0161 ¡ upside down exclamation poin
Alt 0162 ¢ cent sign
Alt 0169 © copyright
Alt 0174 ® registered ­ trademark symbol
Alt 0176 ° degree symbol
Alt 0177 ± plus-or-minus
Alt 0178 ² squared
Alt 0179 ³ cubed
Alt 0182 paragr­aph mark
Alt 0190 ¾ fraction, three-fourths
Alt 0191 ¿ upside down question mark
Alt 0215 × multiplication sign

Get Outside with the AllTrails App

Laramie is in a wonderful location forAlltrails 2 hiking, mountain biking and just getting outdoors when the weather is warm, which it finally is! The only issue is sometimes it is hard to find the right trail, or you want to find a different trail that may be a little less travelled. Well, technology is here to help! A great app to download is the AllTrails app (it is free too!).



Alltrails 1It has over 50,000 trail guides and gives you maps, photos, and reviews. An amazing feature is that you can save the map so when you have no service in Medicine Bow then you can still have your guide. It is a great option to get outdoors and find the perfect trail for you. A plus is the more people in the Laramie area that use the app then the better it will become. So enjoy the warm weather while it last this summer!


Jackie Alexander
CIO Office Aide

Save Some Time with HootSuite

Facebook. Twitter. Google+. FourSquare. LinkedIn. Tumblr.

The list goes on and on, but one trend that has been constant over the last several years has been the growing number of social media platforms available to internet users that serve a wide range of purposes. According to research from the Ispos Open Thinking Exchange, the average American who uses social networking spends over three hours per day on various social media platforms. Social media began with GeoCities in the mid-1990’s and has expanded into a routinized, time-consuming activity that for many internet users simply trying to keep up with a world that shows no signs of slowing down can be difficult.

Fortunately, there is an answer for individuals and businesses looking to streamline their social media profiles.


HootSuite is a social media management tool that was created by internet entrepreneur Ryan Holmes in 2008. Essentially, HootSuite syncs together various social platforms for internet users so that one posting can update all of your selected platforms at once. Much like Spotify and Pandora, HootSuite is a built around a ‘freemium’ model, meaning that some features of its services are available at no cost for users. The Free package offers the syncing of 3 internet platforms with the ‘Pro’ and ‘Enterprise’ plans being available for individuals who need further synchronization. HootSuite currently has over 9 million users ranging from college students to major companies and organizations such as The Gap, Sony Music and the Obama administration.

College students can sometimes find themselves bogged down by the responsibilities of studying, working and looking for jobs while at the same time trying to manage everything at once without going crazy. If you find yourself struggling to balance it all, check out HootSuite and see if its features can be of benefit. We all could use a little extra time in our day.

 Kyle Brown
ITC Front Desk Staff

Old School Social Media

How many of you remember using one of these social media precursors?

old school social media

The Rumored iWatch

Smartphones have already made the modern world more convenient with the capabilities to reach anyone anywhere on the planet and have endless information at your fingertips. What if you didn’t even have to reach in your pocket anymore? This is where the future is heading. iWatch rumors have been floating around that production could begin this July and maybe released in October. iWatch is a technological advance for Apple Inc., that puts your mobile device on your wrist, making your cellular device smaller and more convenient.

It is rumored that they have already started trial runs and are eager to mass produce these watches. Apparently the smart-watch will have a 2.5-inch display and will be “slightly rectangular.” Reuters, who has an industry source, says that the face will ‘protrude slightly from the band,’ have a touch screen and charge wirelessly. The image below is Todd Hamilton’s idea on what the iWatch may look like. It looks similar iwatchto other Apple products but it’s neat to think that you could literally wear your device and serve two purposes: fashion and function. The proposed sleek design isn’t too bad looking no one knows how much it weighs yet and pictures have yet to surface with a model actually wearing the piece but it will be interesting to see how quickly these devices will sell out upon release.

It is believed that the watch can do everything from taking calls to using its built in sensors to monitor your health. Who doesn’t want to have their doctor just chilling on their wrist? They are expected to release 50 million of these little devices upon its first year of release, and if there is one thing we know about Apple, it’s that in the years to come there will be several versions of a slightly different but same thing. Keep an eye out to reserve your iWatch because just like any other big Apple Inc. release they will probably be sold out in minutes.

Hannah Jones
ITC Front Desk Staff

You’ve Got Mail! Remember when that was an exciting sound…

Like this if you remember actually hearing your computer tell you “You’ve Got Mail”, normally right after hearing a dial tone to connect to the internet.

cartoon 1

Enjoy Some Summer Reading with a Kindle Paperwhite

With the weather finally warming up, many of us will find ourselves soaking up the sun and making some vitamin D. Between your summer session classes and watermelon eating contests, you might find yourself with a little down time. This is the time to pick up a new book and get lost in the text. Summer is the perfect opportunity to create an achievable reading challenge for yourself. Don’t fall into the trap of starting a new series on Netflix or Hulu, instead expand your mind by exploring a fictional world or reading articles about other worldly issues. One of the perfect ways to do this is by powering down your laptop or television and powering up Kindle’s Paperwhite.

This simple device was specifically designed to enhance the readers experience with its unique key features. Kindle PaperwhiteIt is all black and white with the Paperwhite, because it is literally just black and white. It is the closest to reading an actual book while in reality it is still a piece of genius technology. It is an “e-ink” experience which means that there is no glare from the sun. So you can enjoy the pleasures of reading anywhere, rain, sun, shade or shine.

There is no camera mode and it offers a very basic web browser option, but Kindle_Paperwhite 2there is a social component that allows users to connect to Twitter or Facebook to update statuses or share links to your book. It is a genuinely fascinating piece of hardware and the best way to get a sense of it is to just toy around with it. There are light adjustment controls, X-ray features, share options, reading options and so much more to explore.

Take the initiative this summer to challenge your inner reader.

Hannah Jones
ITC Front Desk Staff